SR Technology Story

Optimize Pharmaceutical Efficacy Though Controlled Drug Release Technology


SR Veterinary Technologies has combined the veterinary pharmaceutical expertise and capabilities, market knowledge, and regulatory experience, with its ongoing commitment of world-class R&D scientists, to develop a patented, SR [sustained release] technology for greater effectiveness in drug delivery.

This innovative controlled release product formulation now enables large and small animal practitioners to administer therapeutic agents with controlled release rates ranging from a few days... to one month, or more. Controlled release of today’s most effective drugs for pain management, chemotherapy, and other indications, offers veterinarians and their patients numerous advantages over traditional drug delivery methods.

By tailoring drug release rates for each bio-active pharmaceutical, SR Veterinary Technologies products:

  • Facilitate precise, localized delivery of  pharmaceuticals  to the diseased or affected area
  • Provide a more consistent release of actives with an improved drug absorption profile
  • Assure that the drug remains primarily localized and avoids significant entry into systemic circulation
  • Require lower dosing frequency and result in increased compliance

Key elements that comprise the proprietary SR delivery system include:

  • A fully-biodegradable liquid polymer
  • Dissolved in a non-aqueous diluent
  • Bio-active drug  dissolved or distributed within the liquid polymer

The mixture forms a liquid ready for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection into the body. The bioactive compound is in solution or suspension within the liquid polymer and slowly releases over time as the drug diffuses from the polymer matrix as the polymer biodegrades. The viscosity of the liquid polymer delivery system can be controlled from that of a viscous fluid... to one that can be easily injected through small [20 -23 gauge] needles.
The SR Veterinary Technologies controlled release drug delivery system has demonstrated remarkable safety and superior efficacy in several ongoing clinical trials. While our formulations are not yet available
for general veterinary use, we invite practitioners to join us in our quest to provide safe, innovative veterinary therapies for more effective treatment and management of animal health disorders.