Dedicated to Improve Treatment Efficacy in Veterinary Medicine 

Following multiple trials reporting effective clinical applications, SR Veterinary Technologies began research and development efforts for several new SR formulations for domestic animal use. The expanding SR Veterinary Technologies portfolio presently includes controlled release formulations for pain management, antibiotic therapy, regulation of reproduction and other indications. 


SR Veterinary Technologies has developed its patented, sustained release technology to improve effectiveness of veterinary drug delivery. This technology platform will soon enable large and small animal practitioners to administer therapeutic agents with controlled release rates ranging from a few days… to one month, and more. Controlled release of today’s most effective drugs for pain management, chemotherapy, and other indications, offers veterinarians and their patients numerous advantages over traditional drug delivery methods.

Key elements that comprise the patented SR delivery system include:

  • A fully-biodegradable liquid polymer
  • Dissolved in a non-aqueous diluent
  • With bioactive drug in solution or suspended within the liquid polymer

The bioactive compound is in solution or suspension within the liquid polymer and slowly released over time as the drug diffuses from the polymer matrix and the polymer biodegrades. The viscosity of the liquid polymer delivery system can be controlled from that of a viscous fluid… to one that can be easily injected through small [20 -23 gauge] needles. Pilot studies and continuing clinical trials to date on a variety of species, have reported desirable efficiency and safety following administration of  SR Veterinary Technologies.