Executive Team:  SR Veterinary Technologies


William R. Lance, DVM, MS, PhD, DACZM

Chief Executive Officer

In the past 28 years Dr. William R. Lance, has worked in the development and application of synthetic opiate agonists and alpha 2 agonist and antagonists for non domestic species and has developed new formulations for improved application to veterinary medicine. 


Richard L. Dunn, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Richard L. Dunn has over 30 years experience in drug delivery technology, including research at Southern Research Institute and Atrix Laboratories, Inc.  During that time, he directed numerous projects involving research and development of biodegradable polymers, polymeric devices and drug delivery systems. 

While serving as Senior Vice President of Drug Delivery at at Atrix Laboratories, Dr Dunn was key to the development of seven products that have been approved by the FDA and marketed in both the United States and foreign countries.  These include the Atridox® periodontal treatment product with controlled release of doxycycline, the Atrisorb® GTR barrier products, and the Eligard® products with controlled release of leuprolide acetate for one, three, four, and six months to treat prostate cancer.  

After leaving Atrix Laboratories, Dr Dunn formed Dunn Research & Consulting, LLC, to develop new biodegradable polymer systems for drug delivery and now has pending patent applications for a new liquid biodegradable polymeric delivery system intended for use in both veterinary and human applications. 


David K. Smith, BSc, CPA

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Smith has over 25 years of business experience crossing a wide range of accounting and financial activities.  His career began as a Certified Public Accountant with an international accounting firm (now KMPG) where he specialized in auditing various manufacturing concerns. 

Subsequently, Mr. Smith held the position of Vice President and Corporate Controller for Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., a publicly traded high-technology manufacturer of equipment used in thin film plasma-based processes.  There, his duties included responsibility for accounting systems, cash management, taxation and governmental compliance.  Mr. Smith played a significant role in the formation and operation of domestic and foreign subsidiaries throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. 

During his 13 year career with Advanced Energy, Mr. Smith was a key participant in the company’s initial public offering, two secondary offerings and three major business enterprise software implementations.  Mr. Smith graduated summa cum laude from Colorado State University with a BS degree in Business Administration. 


Stephen M. Kirschner, MSc

Vice President Clinical Development

During his 20-year professional career as a senior clinical consultant / strategic product development specialist, Mr Kirschner has created end-to-end marketing programs for leading international veterinary pharmaceutical companies and animal health organizations.

With an advanced equine animal health degree, experience as a research associate, an in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, knowledge of study protocol development and the latest standards of care, Mr Kirschner provides guidance regarding clinical development, product market planning and brand-building strategies.

Mr Kirschner is also a published medical writer and author of textbook chapters, technical monographs, journal articles and other publications.